Monday, February 19, 2018
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Welcom to samengroup.com website
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Welcome to Samen Group

Samen Industrial Group (SIG) was established in 1987 by the assistance and support of group of highly competent and experienced engineers.
Since then, SIG has participated in a wide range of engineering activities and has gained great achievement in this regard.
SIG is active in engineering design, supervision and management of various developmental and industrial projects.

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Samen Industrial Group

Tehran office :
Address: No.7, Shadab & Sepahbod Gharani Str., Tehran, Iran
Po. Box: 366-314185
Tel:+98 21 88915465-8
Fax:+98 21 88915469
Email: samen@samengroup.com

Turkmenistan office :
Address:No.5,bulding No. 82, Galasheglik St.,Ashgabat., Turkmenistan
Tel: +99312211082

Tajikistan office:
Address:734700б Republik of  Tadjikistan Khudjand city, K.Khudjandi str 163
Tel/Fax:: +992342267474
Email: mustang97@mail.ru

Russia Office:

Engineering Technologies Agency Ltd   

Address: 190020, Russia Federation, the city Saint-Petersburg, Embankment of the bypass channel.
office no: 431
Tel:+7 (812) 445-27-60
Email: tpew19@bk.ru

China Office:
Address: No. 1905, Building 3, Shijianguoji, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 0086-10-59629107
mobile:  0086-13810090322 , 0086-13552740694 , 0098-9121059736

United Arab Emirates office :
Address: Baniyas Road Bld. 607
Tel: +971 4 2222100
Email: Ali@tabatabaei.ca