Monday, February 19, 2018
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Vibrating Screen

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Screens are used for ore dressing processes and separating materials in sand mines. Undoubtedly, they could be used in other occupations, as well. Screens are made in different length and width and they usually have one, two, three or four stories. However, according to customers order, screens will have more stories.


Having special design, vibrating screens vibrate all nets but it will not affect the chassis. These screens do not need to be serviced all the time but the only required action is greasing.

- High resistant structure

- High-quality frames made from layers

- Designed shafts, made from steel

- Equipped system for valve grinding

- Double – bearing system to increase resistance

- Stories made from iron to avoid breaking 

- Standard slope, suitable for the process of ore dressing (It is more useful in comparison with other produced system)

- Gadgets are fixed in two ways: Vaskazyni & Greasy