Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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 Enhance Oil Recovery  (EOR)


 EOR   is a generic term for techniques for increasing the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from an oil field.

Hydrocarbon reserves of a deposit and the quality condition of the bottom hole formation zone (BFZ) are responsible for the productive capacity of oil, gas and gas condensate wells.

The effectiveness of oil recovery from oil-bearing formations using modern industrial methods is considered unsatisfactory in all oil producing countries, while the consumption of petroleum products is growing worldwide every year.

Average ultimate oil recovery in different countries and regions is ranging from 25 to 40% and makes, for example, in Latin America andSoutheast Asia 24-27%, in Iran 16-17%, in the USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia 33-37% , in Russia up to 40%.

It means that, the residual or non-recoverable oil runs up to 55-75% of the initial geological oil resources.

Therefore application of Enhances Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies, which can considerably increase recovery in already developed oilreservoirs obviously becomes the first priority.


     EOR methods:


 1. Thermal EOR

      •  Steam treatment ;

      •  Insitu combustion;

      •  Hot water flooding;

      •  Cyclic steam treatment.


 2. Gas EOR

     • Air injection;  
     • Light hydrocarbons injection;

     • Carbon dioxide injection;

     • Nitrogen, flue and other gases injection.


  3. Chemical EOR

Surfactant flooding (including foam);

      • Polymer displacement;

      • Alkaline displacement;

      • Acid displacement;

      • Chemical reagents displacement (including micellar-polymer flood, etc.);

      • Microbiological treatment.


   4. Hydrodynamic EOR

       • Integrated displacement technologies;

       • Development of by-passed oil reserves;

       • Barrier flooding;

       • Non-stationary (cyclical) flooding;

       • Accelerated  production;

       • Stepwise-Thermal flooding.


  5. Combined EOR

      In most cases combined EOR methods are implemented.

      These are different combinations of hydrodynamic and thermal, hydrodynamic and physicochemical, 

      thermal and physicochemical and other methods


     6. There are also some locally applied methods which are usually attributed to a special             group called Oil Production Intensification methods.

        •  It would not be quite correct to associate these methods with EOR methods since while increasing for some period                  of time thecurrent oil production (recovery) they do not usually increase the final recovery rate as EOR methods do.

Among these technologies three main technology are applied by samen industrial

 group as follow:


Increase of well productivity by inactive dispersed systems of powder-like agents

Thermo-Gas-Chemical Treatment