Monday, February 19, 2018
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title-leftHydraulic fracturing machinery title-right
Hydraulic fracturing machinery

To carry out works on the hydrochloric acid, acid and hydraulic fracturing our company uses the latest equipment, manufactured by

Stewart & Stevenson (USA).



Acid-sand-oil blender (blender)

Mounted on the chassis MERCEDES 2644/45, MS-60, on-board engine: Detroit Diesel, 1250 HP, adapted for use in rough terrain of oil and gas




Pumping unit based on MERCEDES 2538/45, on-board engine: Detroit Diesel, 1250 HP.


 Manifold on the semi-trailer



Proppant transporter, mounted on the chassis MERCEDES 2538S/30



The control unit and  data collection-transfer



 Acid-MC-60 sand-oil blender (blender)


Pumping unit FC-2251 based on KENWORTH T800B 6x6, on-board engine: Detroit Diesel, 2250 HP, Pump SPM-2000