Monday, February 19, 2018
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Dam & Water resources Department :


The importance and the role of water in sustainable development of all societies is the reason for the early establishment of Dam and Water Resources Department in SIG Company. Our competent, highly motivated employees, coupled with state-of-the-art equipments create high quality engineering services. Having valuable experiences in conducting feasibility and detailed studies and providing executive drawings for the construction of dams has developed the capability of this department in carrying out more specialized services in this field. In addition, water resources planning, river engineering services, sediment studies, design of urban water facilities, and irrigation and drainage are among the specialize services provided by Dam and Water Resources Department.                                                                                                                                                


Field of Work :

  • Dam engineering and hydroelectric project, design of concrete and earth dams, site selection, and power plant design
  • River engineering, river training studies floodplain zoning studies, determining floodway and flood fringe, dredging studies, and navigation in rivers
  • Design of hydraulic structures, water transfer systems, stilling basing, ground and aerial water storage tanks
  • Design of sanitary and storm sewers and sewerage system, conducting studies relating to irrigation and drainage, pressure irrigation networks, and drainage networks
  • Groundwater studies and watershed management
  • Value engineering studies of dam and water resource projects
  • Water resources quality and quantity management studies


List of Major Projects :

- Phase I studies of Hassan Nooran reservoir dam (in height of 23m) in Oshnaviye

- Phase I&II studies of Khorabloo reservoir dam (in height of 23 m) in Makou.

- Studies for the development of Apure-Orinoco River area in Venezuela

- Phase II studies of Karoon River dredging operations at the vicinity of Ahvaz and Khoramshahr (10.5 MCM)

  Feasibility studies of hydropower plants in Maroon and Allah basin- Khozestan

- Phase I studies of Kondok Reservoir Dam-Khuzestan

  Studies for determining suitable dredger for Dez dam

  Identification studies of reservoir dams of Roodzard, Zirzard, and Abgelal in Khuzestan

- Identiication studies of chain hydropower plants of Roodzard, Poto, and Seidoon in Khuzestan

- Phase I&II complementary studies of Ladiz artificial recharge Sistan&Baluchestan

- Qualification studies of Kondok Dam and water resources-Khuzestan

- Floodplain Zoning & Determination of Floodway & Flood Fringe in some parts of Mereg River in the west of Iran

- Floodplain Zoning & Determination of Floodway & Flood Fringe in Javanrood, Paveh, and Bayangan Rivers

- Repairing plan for the stilling basin and the training dike of Mil and Moghan Dam-Ardebil

- Site selection for medium hydropower plants in Iran

- Value engineering studies of culvert structure and earth dam spillway in Seir-e Harooni Valley in Shahrekord